Real People.
Real Work.

No faff.

We're pta Consulting Group. Our people focus on four core themes: analyse, communicate, learn, change.

While this may sound a bit generic, the work we do isn’t.

We read between the lines and connect the dots

Real people...
just like you

We’re not your run-of-the-mill consulting company. As a team, we sat down to think about the work we do and the people we are—friendly, creative, real and engaging—these attributes drive the way we work.

Our people are at our core, armed with skills and expertise that span a variety of fields, so we're always ready to dive straight in.

Real work...
that matters

We help our clients deliver end-to-end solutions and provide the support needed for specific deliverables. Rome wasn’t built in a day; but we can help lay the bricks.



We look at usual things with unusual eyes.

Focused analysis requires proven expertise—the right people with the right lens. pta’s business analysts, process analysts and project managers are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to see through the fog. Who doesn't love a good view?

Whether it’s figuring out what you need, meeting a hard deadline, or creating engaging projects, pta brings clarity.


When wires get crossed and messages do the tango.

Every business has its own vocabulary and clear communication is vital to get the message across. We start with getting to know your audience, your language and your message. We then create content that hits the right beats, so it’s the communication that does the dancing.




Who said learning is boring?

Our specialists are well-versed in everything learning—strategies, needs analysis, visual design, user experience, learning design and development. We assess the best way to design, develop and deliver programs that fully engage learners and produce lasting effects; backed by contemporary learning and development methodologies, principles and frameworks.


Old ways won't open new doors

Within organisations, change covers people, process, structure, or technology. Let’s face it, change can be hard... but not changing can be harder. Our specialists help your organisation realise the benefits of the outcome you're trying to achieve.


Our clients
(aka friends)

We partner with some of Australia’s largest corporations and government departments to successfully deliver projects on time, and on budget.

“You always provide the right people for our projects.”

Business and Change Practice Manager | ERP Transformation | Analysis project

“The pta team has done an amazing job, navigating through some difficult issues and stakeholders. The change has been done really well, setting us up for success.”

Program Director | Financial services risk program | Analysis, change, learning and communication project

“Our EGM just commented on how great the learning module was!”

Learning advisor | Whistleblower eLearning module | Learning project

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